Ford Motor Company and Coca-Cola were two of the first sponsors of American Idol in its first season. The sponsorship agreement cost about $ 10 million for the first season, season $ 35 million for 7 and between 50 and 60 million for season 10. The third sponsor, AT & T Wireless, joined the second season, A Formally ended its sponsorship after the 13th season in mid-fall idol rankings in the mid-2010 iTunes sponsored the show since season seven.
American Idol shows a preview of the logo and products of its sponsors as the first seasons. In the sixth season, Idol showed 4,349 investment products according to Nielsen Media Research. Branded entertainment integration was beneficial to its advertisers – to promote AT & T text messaging as a form of voting has successfully introduced technology into the wider culture, and Coca-Cola saw its heritage increase during the show .
Coca-Cola – cups with the Coca-Cola logo, and sometimes its subsidiary Vitaminwater, prominently at the judges’ table. Competitors are represented among the costumes songs in the “Red Coca-Cola Room”, the equivalent of the green room show. (The Coca-Cola logo is still obscured during rebroadcasting in the UK, which banned product placement until 2011.)
Ford – Competitors appear in Ford’s special videos of the show results, and winners Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks and Kris Allen have also appeared in Ford commercials. The last two have won a free four, five and six season Ford Mustang, Ford Escape Hybrid in season seven, Ford Fusion Hybrid season eight, Ford Fiesta nine and Ford Fusion season 2013 in eleven seasons. In the tenth season Scotty McCreery chose a Ford F-150 and Lauren Alaina chose Shelby Mustang. In the red room there is a glass table with a Ford wheel as the base.
AT & T – AT & T Mobility is promoted as a service provider in voting text. AT & T has created an ad campaign focused on a teenager at the head of the air who goes by telling people to vote.
Apple iTunes – Ryan Seacrest announced the availability of competitor performances exclusively through iTunes. Videos are regularly displayed candidates who learn their songs by repeating with iPods.
Previous sponsors include Clairol’s Old Navy and Herbal Essences. In the two and three seasons, sometimes competitors put on Old Navy clothing for their performances with stylist Steven Cojocaru celebrating using their wardrobe selection, and candidates received hair makeup guided by Clairol. In the last season seven, David Cook and David Archuleta appeared in “Risky Business” – inspired commercials for Guitar Hero, one of the sponsors of this year’s tour.
PepsiCo, the Coca-Cola archangel, refused to sponsor American Idol at the beginning of the series. What the Los Angeles Times later called “misses one of the greatest marketing opportunities in a generation” Pepsi has helped to lose market share in 2010 to third place second in the United States. PepsiCo has sponsored the American version of The X Factor Cowell hope not to repeat his idol error until it is canceled.
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The impact of American Idol was also felt strongly in musical theater, where many ex-idol have forged a successful career. The surprising effect of ex-American Idol participants on Broadway was noted and commented. The cast of a popular Idol candidate can lead to a significant increase in ticket sales. Other graduates went to work in television and film, most notably Jennifer Hudson, who, on the recommendation of vocal trainer Idol Debra Byrd, won a role in Dreamgirls, and later received an Oscar for her performance.