American Idol Finals

The final game was broadcast to the prime time CBS television city in Los Angeles before the audience of the live studio.Eventually lasted 11 weeks in the subsequent season, until the season of 10 and 11, which lasted 12 weeks, except for the 12 seasons lasting 8 weeks, 10 weeks in the first season, the season 3, lasted 13 weeks.You can be genre such as Motown, Disco and Big Band etc. Each finalist interpreter of songs based on the theme every week, such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley or the Beatles, or such a hit with a billboard number 1 , Songs of artists ‘songs or participants’ songs such as more general topics.Athletes usually worked with celebrity mentors related to themes.In season 10, Jimmy Iovine was brought as a mentor of the season.Initially, the participants sang a weekly song, but this increased the three songs for the top 2 or 3, then the top 4 or 5 from the front.
The most popular candidates are generally not disclosed in the results show.Instead, we received the fewest votes and usually three competitors (2 in the second round) were called the stage in the middle.One of these three was usually sent securely. However, the remaining two were not necessarily the last two.Competitors with the fewest votes subsequently revealed and excluded from competition.Implementation time of players eliminated in the show was played, they showed their ultimate performance.However, season 6, the first series of idol gave back the episode back, when the competitor was not eliminated, but the next week during the next week.In the unanimous case furthermore, from the eighth season, the judge can cancel the viewer’s decision at “backup judge”.’Save’ only, and can only be used at the first time through the first 5.In the eighth, ninth, tenth and fourteenth seasons, the double exclusion was done in the week following the activation of the backup, but simple elimination occurred in the eleventh and thirteenth seasons .Since the backup was not activated during the 12th season, non-exclusion was done in the week after expiration with the vote and reported in the following week.
“The preservation of fans was introduced in the 14th season.At the end of the day, the audience passed the next show, starting with the top 8 had a 5-minute window to vote for competitors in the crisis of exclusion using their Twitter account to determine which competitor It was.